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Loved by guests!

At Peroosh, we’ve created something special for accommodation owners and their guests.

Our in-room/lodge/guesthouse tablet guides are revolutionising the way accommodation owners are operating by providing useful information for guests staying at their premises.  Our tablets not only enhance the guest experience but also improves the service you can offer.

Our Peroosh admin system allows you to fully control the content delivered to the tablet at any time with our user-friendly interface. Whatsmore, should you also like us to deliver your business website you can control and share content across both platforms saving you time and money!


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  • Locakble App to avoid guests using tablet for other purposes
  • Eye-catching dashboard with customised slideshow and welcome message
    Allowing you to send a welcome on arrival
  • Check-in & Check-out time display
    Reminding you guests when their check-out times are
  • Local weather forecasts
    Allows you to set the forecast parameters for the local area
  • Time/Alarm clock
    The digital clock on the dashboard acts as a handy bedside alarm clock
  • Infobook guides
    Allowing you to detail your lodge accommodation, features, appliances etc
  • Points of Interest listings
    Fully cutomisable, lists all the places of interest (and facilities) that you want to highlight to your guests
  • Maps Views
    Linked to the POIs shows all the location on a handy interactive map view
  • Local and International News Listings
    Choose to show local or international news listings
  • TV Guides
    A handy guide to whats on the box!
  • Galleries
    Display and share your galleries photos allowing guests to browse
  • Alert/notification system
    Sent direct to tablet allowing you to stay in touch with your guests without being intrusive!


  • £400* setup and artwork fee
    *artwork fee only applies should you want us to design your own bespoke Accommodation Guide layout & artwork
  • £20/month/tablet
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About Us

Established in January 2017, Peroosh has been developed as an all-new approach to business support using robust online technologies.

Whatever your online needs, we have the perfect solution for you!