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CVI Scotland

CVI Scotland

CVI Scotland are devoted to helping people understand cerebral visual impairments, and together to work toward starting to master this complicated spectrum of conditions.

The CVI website aims to explain and supplement information provided by professional assessments. It is designed to help readers understand and think about the nature of CVI from a daily living point of view. The aim is to explain what everyone needs to know, so that instead of being a mystery, the way affected people see and their behavioural responses to their vision become common sense, so that approaches that families have found helpful become obvious, easy to adopt and part of everyday life.  


  • CVI Scotland is an encylcopdia of information related to the condition known as CVI. The website had to present a huge quantity information in the most basic and user-friendly way.
  • Simple layout with cleans lines and no clutter.
  • Accessible for screen readers and all possible devices.
  • Full website autonomy for daily administrative tasks and continual content updates.

Design & Build

Content was king! This job was largely about presenting the content of the site in the best way possible whilst giving the user the tools to easily navigate the site. We specifically built a module for the client to be able to add Books, Chapters and Sections and move these around, add, edit and delete on an ongoing basis. The site also contains helps sections, site-wide search, CVI tools and tours, all with the view to help users understand the site and find the information and help they are looking for.

We worked closely with Helen St. Clair Tracy as she would be managing the site day to day and she was key to informing us how she wanted the website to function. Helen worked very closely with Gordon Dutton (Professor of Visual Science at Glasgow Caledonian University)

About Gordon Dutton

Gordon N Dutton MD, FRCS, Ed (Hon), FRCS Glas, FRCOphth

Professor Gordon Dutton is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist who worked for over 20 years at the Royal Hospital for Sick Chidren in Glasgow. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Visual Science at Glasgow Caledonian University. His special interests include, medical education, ocular motility, and cerebral visual impairment (CVI) in children and adults.

Professor Dutton has lectured on a range of ophthalmic topics in relation to pediatric ophthalmology, both nationally and internationally as a Keynote Speaker, and has edited and contributed to three textbooks concerning cerebral visual impairment in children, as well as the information websites for teachers and parents called the CVI Society and CVI Scotland.

We have been working with Peroosh for five years. From the outset, the relationship has been around listening to each other and working as a team. The main outlet of our organisation is the website, to explain visual impairments from the brain. The unique design of the Peroosh platform means we can add content to the website extremely easily, ourselves. This means we can be immediately responsive to our users’ needs. The website has evolved over the years and Peroosh have designed many new sections and features. Peroosh have also created a number of on-line tools for us including an e-reader.
We also use Peroosh for branding and graphic design. CVI Scotland’s strong and recognisable market presence is helped considerably by our logo, designed by Peroosh, and associated branding.
The monthly fee meant we did not have to find a large sum of money to build our website, and we have continued support including around all the website related issues like data protection / GDPR, privacy etc. Peroosh do all this, so we can focus on our core activities. Where there has been an occasional glitch, or we have needed help urgently, there has been a response within minutes.
The website has grown into a leading international resource, and our partnership with Peroosh has been a key part of the success. We have recommended Peroosh and will continue to do so.

  • Helen St. Clair Tracy
  • Chair of Trustees
  • CVI Scotland

In the end...

CVI Scotland are delighted with their new website. The Peroosh platform gives them full control of all content within the site and allows the backend tools to add new and edit existing content in a logical manner. We spent a large chunk of time discussing the best way to present such a large and growing amount of content on the front end and the end result is a very user friendly and easy to navigate website. CVI Scotland knows Peroosh are here to help support and build the website going forward so with that knowledge they don’t have to worry about their website being in safe hands!

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