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Inner Works Coaching

Inner Works Coaching

Inner Works is a coaching & supervision consultancy, working with both UK and international clients. Inner Works are passionate about helping their clients to discover things about themselves and their businesses in order to learn and grow their success.


Sheila wanted the professional services of a company who could get the Inner Works website over the line and offer the tools to allow ongoing maintenance.

  • Create a user friendly and engaging website that was effortless to maintain and grow
  • Simple and intuitive to navigate
  • Ability to have content that was mainly focussed around their clients 
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Peroosh CMS

Planning Stage

Sheila was very assured of what she wanted when it came to the website. This made the early stages of the job very smooth. Peroosh successfully and accurately ensured that those specific requirements were met and therefore the turnaround of this phase of the job never took very long at all! When clients, like Sheila, really knows how they want their website to function we can put the framework and content architecture in place very quickly.

Design & Build

Inner Works already had an established brand so the job was to build around this to ensure the new website consistently reflected the Inner Works brand. 

Case Studies were to play an important role in the website to properly showcase the services that Sheila provides. This is evident when you visit the Inner Works homepage where you are immediately hit with Inner Works clients and their testimonials.

With some finer details added to the site to better reflect the brand and an easy to follow navigation structure, the website certainly looks the part both on desktop and handheld devices too

In the end...

Sheila is extremely happy with the end result. We accurately met the clients expectations both in design and layout and with the back end tools that allows the client to fully manage the content of the website as and when required.

About Us

Building on a combined 40 years experience in website design and build, for companies of all sizes, including banks and supermarkets, Peroosh has been designed to scale to meet the online needs of any client.

Our business model has been refined to suit clients with smaller budgets, by allowing them to maintain a high-impact online presence for a low monthly cost.

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