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Mediascape Ltd are Scotland’s leading full-service audio-visual specialists who have a dedicated team of professionals in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. We design, supply, install and maintain the full range of audio-visual solutions for business, professional firms, educational institutions, heritage sites and government offices.


Mediascape were looking to upgrade their website with the intention of making it look more fresh and modern and of course to allow the website to work across all handheld devices too. The requirements for their upgrade were:

  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience
  • Allow a better backend/admin management experience that’s self intuitive and gives website autonomy
  • Create a more user-friendly site with improved navigation and better joined up user journeys.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Peroosh CMS

Planning Stage

To date, we’ve gone through a few design and content re-structure iterations with Mediascape since they became our client which now gives them the platform to properly showcase their business products and services to their audience. We had a few conversations to properly plan out how the site should function and with the help of FatBuzz Marketing agency we put the plan together ready to action.

Design & Build

We had to ensure that the website maintained its easy to use and follow layout regardless of how deep-rooted you were within the website. With the high amount of products, services, solutions, sectors and case studies within the Mediascape website, we made sure that the user always knows where they were and can easily navigate to other parts of the site without issue.

The Peroosh CMS was easily tailored to work specifically for Mediascape needs and gives them full control. Bespoke modules were developed to allow key admin staff can add in Solutions and Sectors and link them to Case Studies and vice versa. 

In the end...

The new Mediascape website feels more modern and organised. A modern looking website will help keep it current and making it responsive allows for better accessibility across multiple devices. The site architecture is significantly stronger, with improved internal linking between different modules makes for a better browsing experience for site visitors.

About Us

Building on a combined 40 years experience in website design and build, for companies of all sizes, including banks and supermarkets, Peroosh has been designed to scale to meet the online needs of any client.

Our business model has been refined to suit clients with smaller budgets, by allowing them to maintain a high-impact online presence for a low monthly cost.

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