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Craftucation is a brand-new platform for creating and hosting online art or craft courses; combining support, enthusiasm, and a lot of fun! We look forward to getting to know you in this new creative community, focussed on learning and sharing a love of art and crafts.


  • An easy to navigate website, with a minimalist appearance to ensure videos and images of example work have maximum impact
  • Future-proofed design that works across multiple devices, such as smart phones and tablets
  • Member registration options for Teachers and Students
  • Directory system to allow for entry of teacher-generated content
  • Integrate Amazon AWS video storage features into the Directory Management system
  • Forum system to allow course-specific forums to be automatically created for each course, and only accessible by those taking the course
  • Forums for general discussions with organic keyword-rich content visible to search engines such as Google

Planning stage

The Craftucation website needed to be built from the ground-up as a community site with as much behind-the-scenes automation as possible to ensure that moderation does not become an onerous task for a small team of administrators.

There were a number of fairly intense online meetings between ourselves and the client. The main aim of these initial meetings was to help establish the user journeys through the site. In particular the user journey of the Tutors was important to ensure everything was developed according to the requirements of the client.

Nikki and Yvonne were extremely thorough in their communications with us and ensured that everything was covered which really helped us gather enough detail to begin wireframe development and UI design.

Design & Build

Starting off with the usual wireframing, we very quickly established the structure of the new website with different user The design of the site should be as intuitive to use as possible, and the underlying design should aim to work across a number of platforms (including potential Apps for smart phones and tablets) — for this reason, multi-platform services with an emphasis on video categorisation and ad-hoc ordering options, such as Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime etc, should be looked to as a good starting point.

The design should be minimalist, allowing the uploaded videos and photographs submitted by both teachers and students to stand out.

In the end...

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