Building on a combined 40 years experience in website design and build, for companies of all sizes, including banks and supermarkets, Peroosh has been designed to scale to meet the online needs of any client.

Our business model has been refined to suit clients with smaller budgets, by allowing them to maintain a high-impact online presence for a low monthly cost.

Peroosh acts as a central hub — all our clients are hosted in one place, using one platform to manage their website data. Each client still has a unique entry point to their site homepage, but the central hub, where clients add and edit their website content, allows us to develop new and maintain existing features quickly and efficiently.

We have built a library of modules that meet the needs of most clients, from our Content Management System through to a fully functional Customer Relations Management tool. We continue to roll out new functionality on a weekly basis.

We can also build custom modules for our clients that need something a little out of the ordinary, usually for a one-off cost, but where it will meet the needs of many, we will consider developing this at cost and then charge for it at a lower monthly cost.

And our clients love the system — since January, we’ve already had repeat orders from 5 different clients, each wanting to expand their online presence using the management tool that has been designed to make their lives as easy as possible — Peroosh!

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About Us

Established in January 2017, Peroosh has been developed as an all-new approach to business support using robust online technologies.

Whatever your online needs, we have the perfect solution for you!

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